Disruptive Palooza : Possibilities, Futures and Predictions


I started this blog entry no fewer than ten times in the last three months. I have tried under a range of titles and verbosity to map out my thoughts on the overall complexities of the roles of Enterprise Architects, and how that also comes with connotations and expectations that include the need to be a balanced mix of Consultants, Analysts, Forecasters, Futurists, Thought Leaders, Visionaries …

Yet, whilst we are meant to have those answers, we are still being asked to “shoot behind the duck” as we manage implementations, offerings and solutions that have passed their hype cycle climbs and peaks. Just like a perfect bowl of morning cereal, we are meant to wake up on the dawn of an engagement, be able to pour out a balance of business wholesomeness, technical nutrition and financial tastiness to provide the kick start needed. We’re meant to have the answers to be not too heavy on the legacy and not too light on the predictions, all while being “Just Right”. Continue reading “Disruptive Palooza : Possibilities, Futures and Predictions”

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Thinking back over the big-ticket technologies and transformations I have done over the last 13 years, I keep returning to one simple observation.

The technology is often the least troublesome aspect.

Corporate culture – not technology – is the greatest obstacle to the implementation of (x).

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2013: The Corporate (and IT) strategic trends

Over on LinkedIn, in a conversation regarding “Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2013” I made the call that the list is basically the top ten growth items from 2012.  So, the challenge was given to me “So out of interest what would you add to the list for 2013?”

I could not answer that in the allotted character limitation for LinkedIn comment boxes … Continue reading “2013: The Corporate (and IT) strategic trends”