this is not politics

What really scares me as a swinging voter is the bile, ignorance and vitriol I see on both sides of the political debate.

This is not a state of origin game. We should not be barracking for two teams as though it was the wallabies vs the all blacks. I don’t care who the coaches or the captains of the teams are.

On both sides of the debate I see supporters who deride each other as stereotypical societal caricatures. No one, not the members of parliament, not the media, not the prolific bloggers, the social media elite nor the man on the street is talking about what matters.



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How did we get here?

With the abundance of information available to even the most average individual, you’d expect that we would have generated a better informed public.

Instead, it seems to breed apathy.

Simple, neglectful indifference by average punters to fact check any claims they are exposed to creates the kind of fertile crass ignorance that can be plowed by politicians & campaigners to grow messages that feed distorted, simplistic stereotypes that are consumed by a public seeking their own self-interests & bias confirmations.

Because they assume that someone else is keeping them honest.