What social media can offer us as consultants …

At first glance social media might seem to be a bit of a productivity black hole.

Oh, don’t worry – I’ve heard a great deal of reasons and excuses of why it should be avoided.

At best, naysayers are happy to proffer it with a huxleyan warning that it is a cesspool of activity in which people can amuse themselves to death whilst being constrained into an electronic prison where we are targeted by vendors whilst fed a false sense of personal freedom. In fact, the worst thing I have seen it called is an electronic feeding ground for emotionally crippled, narcissistic pariahs.

Yet, to my mind, I think that the accessibility of immediate, transparent, global, (practically) free (as in speech, not beer) communication is one of the most breathtaking information advances since the telephone. Continue reading “What social media can offer us as consultants …”