Implementing a Corporate EA training capability framework?

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Now Seeking to Hire: Eco Architect – Victoria, Australia

We’re ready to design our dream home. Now we’re looking for an Architect.

The concept:

Environmentally friendly and functional house designed to blend into the environment while allowing for an entertaining lifestyle predicated around the culinary focus of the owners with a view to provide a community feel and open sharing home with friends and family and potentially lend itself to small scale commercial venture such as B&B and/or Osteria.

What we expect from an Architect

What we really need to know first and foremost, is this the sort of project that you would have definite passion for?

Passion is really what I am after. Yes, your creativity, your experience and your insights are what we pay for, but passion is what will make me hire you.

I can say that there is only one certain aspect I don’t like — being told I will need to pay for an architect to learn something.

This is the reason that I chose not to use family members and related architects. They did not have the experience in some of the aspects of this project and expected that I would pay for their time to go out and study. It is a luxury that I am not afforded in my career. It is a luxury that is not afforded to my wife’s career. It is a luxury that I am certain most people would baulk at if it came from any other trade or professional person.

Does this make me a client from hell? Maybe.

I do not begrudge paying the fees. I simply do not want someone who is neither interested in the job as anything other than a job. Neither am I interested in anyone who perceives me as a line of credit.

Design Elements we’re seeking:

  • Aesthetics:
    • Integrated into landscape
    • Makes best use of the views
    • Design to maximise daylight
    • Floor plan allows engagement with views and responding to the path of the sun
  • Renewable and Sustainable Aspects:
    • Water:
      • maximising roof area and form along with rainwater tanks to collect water and utilise it in the house for toilets, showers, laundry and kitchen
      • Grey water filtration system treating all greywater on site through a reed bed and sand filtration system which is integrated into site landscaping and into a reclamation pond
      • Sewage treatment on site using worm farm system with casings and liquid feeding the crop yard
      • Utilise water efficient appliances and fittings
      • Storm water from the site collected and retained via reclamation dam
    • Energy:
      • Full use of sustainable energy sources allowing autonomous energy production including (where appropriate): photo-voltaics, solar hot water, wind turbine, geothermal heating and cooling and micro-hydro generators, heatsink walls, highly efficient wood burners – no idea is a bad idea.
      • Full use of passive heating and cooling
      • Aim to produce a thermally efficient building envelope with high R-value materials
      • Aim to provide 6 or 7 Star energy rating
      • Utilise 12v Electrical Systems throughout; Inverters where required; LED lighting where possible with compact fluorescent where not
      • High performance thermal insulation and double or triple glazing


  • A “Great Room” taking in the views of the property
  • A “Classic” Library and reading room
  • Combined office/study – either off the library or integrated with library
  • Small Scale ‘Commercial Kitchen’
    • Cool Rooms : a 4 carcass meat maturing room; Walk in Fridge and Freezer
    • Charcuterie Cure and Store Room
    • Small Wine Cellar
    • Walk through larder
    • Butlers Pantry
  • Entertainment area centred around the food – community style tables, “outdoor” area by opening up the room and taking in the country side but easily closed and returned to “indoor” room without sacrificing the views
  • A private retreat for the master bedroom with hidden panic room/firebunker access
  • A guest wing:
    • Three Guest bedrooms each with their own ensuite, hotel style kitchenette and robe.
    • Each with individual single carport and access ways
    • A common lounge/TV room for the guest rooms

Wish List:

  • Victorian Styling
  • Tall (12 foot) ceilings
  • Storage room
  • Laundry chutes are a good thing
  • Rubbish chutes are a good thing
  • A theatre room seating 6 people

Issues past houses have always had:

  • Never Enough Storage
  • Materials have been difficult to clean or maintain

The Land:

  • located out at Sugerloaf Creek, Victoria
  • is flat to undulating
  • was previously used as a bluestone quarry in the 1800’s
  • still has bluestone remnants scattered around the lot
  • has a creek frontage
  • will be used as a combined beef, sheep and poultry property
  • will also sport self-sustainable garden
  • Will retain scatterings of native vegetation to encourage wildlife.

I need someone who wants to complete this kind of project. To work with me and my silly ideas. To help achieve the vision knowing that there isn’t a million dollar pot of gold behind this. The design has to try and take into consideration 3 main financial aspects:

  • Designed as much as possible for owner/builder
  • Designed for a Modular or staged implementation
  • Designed to keep all costs down both in the initial capital and then the ongoing operational.

The expected budget for the building is approximately $350,000

Interested? Leave me your contact details.