Yes, I am eccentric …

I’m an eccentric madman.

I live in the deepest darkest outer-south-eastern suburban regions of Melbourne.

It is easiest to deal with me if you think of me as a JADED lesbian stuck inside a man’s body.

Humour is crucial. Period.

Sarcasm and wit are my weapons of choice.

Someday I’m going to be (in)famous, I’m not sure if it’ll be for my photos.

Thinking Laterally is what I do. I tend to think outside the cube. If I realise there is a cube.

My version of reality is probably very different from your own.

I am a highly passionate personality.

I am a highly strung personality.

Evil genuis?Coffee keeps me going.

I wonder if there’s a connection between the last two lines?

I harbour a self-indulgent need to rant, rave, vent and spout my mood swings …

Don’t listen to the people who tell you I’m a nice, sweet person … they’re delusional.

I work on the sharp, slippery edge of business and technology.

These entries are not for the emotionally immature or the easily offended. They exist to amuse me.

I’m happy if they entertain, enlighten, inspire, amuse or assist you in any way.

Comments and feedback are always appreciated. Leave some.

Interaction increases enjoyment.

Guaranteed to be vain, self-indulgent, erratic and inane.

A full money back guarantee is offered upon surrender of proof of purchase.

Some of my Interests cooking, farming, photography, reading, food, wine, beer, spirits, gadgets, watching people, architecture, science, procrastination, E-Democracy, movies, art, jokes, nature, shopping, music, socialising, chatting, anything geeky, whatever just popped into my head just then
Favorite Authors Terry Pratchett, Raymond E. Feist, David & Leigh Eddings, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Isaac Asimov, Piers Anthony, Eileen Connolly, William Goldman, Terry Brooks, Clive Barker
Favorite Music Dance, House, Disco, Jazz, Acid Jazz, NuJazz, Swing, Bigband, Blues, Rock, Alternative, Punk, Latin, Classic

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eccentric by name and by nature

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