Who am I? Who _am_ I? 

I don’t know. I mean, that is a fundamentally deep philosophical question when you think about it … and one that I am still spending my life in the pursuit of discovering.

For now, I can tell you a few things I do know about myself.

I’m no one special.

Well, OK, I am.

But no more special than anyone else.

I’m just a regular Italo-Australian bloke. My racial background is a bit like Heinz-57 with a drop of everything in there. I live in the Melbourne area of Australia. I’m an IT Consultant, part time farmer, liberal socialist and conservative greenie … among other things.

If it isn’t already obvious, you’ll soon discover that I am an eccentric person.

I also make a lot of bad jokes and puns. I suggest you don’t ignore the hash tags 🙂

I suffer from lifelong depression and thus occasionally have cathartic posts and tend to be very open and honest about my inner workings.

You may also find that when it comes to philosophical and moral matters, I will challenge your views, and if you interact with me, I will probably ask you to analyse your thoughts and the facts that you take for granted. I ask you to do the same for me as well, as it is an ideal that I also hold myself to.

I like people.

I accept people for who they are and their limitations.

I do practice what I preach though. I live and let live.

I’m also a Non Theist. I consider myself a humanist.  I take people as they are. I love the colours of the collective range of spirits. Sure, some piss me off, but, you know, I’m only human … so are you. My only advice is to take a breath, sit back and relax … make your choices and be proud of them. Own them. Just make sure you never look back in regret.

Life is short.

Far too short.

There may, or may not, be something after this. Personally, I do not believe. I feel that if I am wrong, well, my belief is not what will judge me anyhow. My job is to be the best I can be. Today. Now. Always. I only have the blink of an eye in which I exist, and it is up to me to be proud of the person who greets me in the mirror every morning.

Admittedly, this ideal is one that has got me into a lot of trouble in the past — basically because people are not willing to shine the cold hard light of objectivity, truth and reality upon themselves. People are not willing to see themselves in a “warts and all” illumination.

Why? Why do we as humans fail to see that in seeking out the “root cause” of our views, our beliefs, our thought patterns, our hopes, our fears … if we were to analyse, contemplate and determine the basis of what makes us tick that we can become so much more than we allow or even dream ourselves to be?

As I said, I want everyone to want to be the best of humanity. To claim it. To expect it.

I believe that, in a fashion, doing so fertilises the way – the fields of the collective consciousness, if you like. That fertility will work its magic and from it the fruits of acceptance, knowledge and empathy will blossom.

However, as I said, too many people prefer to keep their blinkers on.

The point is to be the best you can be. That is a task that is far easier than one would imagine as the measure is simple — your own internal moral compass and the basis that you can look at yourself in the mirror and be truly proud of who you see staring back.

So … you’re still here?

Didn’t choose the tl;dr path? Well, what have you learnt?

I’m a genuine person – more open and exuberant online than I am in the “real world” but, otherwise, no different.

My one and only aim in life is to make every moment worthwhile. I want to make connections with people. I want to experience that moment where our lives touch and leave a positive mark. I want to achieve great things … but fame is not one of them.

So, online philosophy? Interaction increases enjoyment.

Life philosophy? Be the absolute best you can be. Know more today about the world than you did yesterday. Try to do no harm. You can be good, without the fear of god or demons. Take control of your own destiny for your own respect and admiration.

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