embrace the complexity

We live in times awash in simplicity and simple-minded thinking.

But life is not simple. Nor are the challenges and issues facing us all, yet our culture seems to thirst for the false dichotomy of simple answers to complex problems.

We seek the simple. We want simplicity.

Thus, I feel that everyone misses the point.

Simplicity isn’t and nor should it be the goal.

Complexity, whether we like it or not, is the point.

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August 02, 1973

So, some 36 years and a week ago, my mother went into hospital – she was sick, her unborn babe was now at least* a month overdue and she was in pain. After being admitted, she was found to be anemic and in serious need of attention, which the hospital gave.

My dad was obviously concerned and told the doctor that maybe he should force the baby out. Her original doctor was a racist SoB and told my dad “that may be the way your peasents do it back in the backwaters of italy, but here we know what we’re doing”. Well, a day later, mum wasn’t looking any better, so this little sicillian man walked up to the doctor, pulled him down by the scrubs till they were face to face and said “I may be a backwards peasent, but where we come from, we believe in a life for a life – if she or the baby dies – so do you” and then let go and walked back to the nurses station and asked for a second opinion.

The new doctor who came and checked her out immediatly prepped her for surgery and informed my dad that while he will do his best he needed to know there and then who’s life to focus on.

Mum’s uteral sack was practically dry, the anemia was due to the baby boy taking everything it could to survive, the doctor was pretty good, but was fighting an uphill batlle – pumping 8 ounces of blood and plasma into mum while c-sectioning the kid out. All 9 pound 10 ounce of it. The kid found the trauma and the shock into the new world all too much and was stillborn. So another doctor was called in to assist the nursing staff while the crew worked on the mom.

They ended up saving both – the kid was resuscitated twice and placed in a humicrib, while the mother was placed in an induced coma which lasted a week.

The original doctor? Apparently skipped the country …

Regardless of the drama, The kid grew up and survived what the world has thrown at it. He came into the world late, and with any luck, that’s how he’ll leave it too.


* Mum was originally told that she should expect me at the end of June, they then revised that to Mid July, I was finally torn out on this day.