Another Weekend’s efforts …

This weekend’s efforts in our little townie block was focussed on cleaning up our little eucalyptus forest patch.

Two days of removing dead branches, leaf litter, and mulching. The euco forest is only a quarter acre’s worth and we are only a third of the way done. The thing is “in the wild” bushfires and animals would do the work between them knocking off the dead branches and clearing (or at least ruffling) the ground cover as well, allowing for a faster breakdown and clearing of space for ground covers and understory plants to get a foothold. In a “domesticated” setting the “bushfire event” has to be you us.

Thus why we do these insane things.

Author: xntrek

Just an awkward, politically incorrect, maladjusted, ire-filled, eccentric curmudgeon and decrier of lawn trespassers.

5 thoughts on “Another Weekend’s efforts …”

  1. Impressive indeed, my friend. I hope that some day I can visit this paradise you are creating.

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