6m3 of red gum ain’t the only heavy load.

I haven’t been around the interwebs of late. Life has been dense with activity in all aspects of my life.

On the work front, I have taken on a new role. Not quite a promotion, and not really a sidewise step, so I’m going to call it a diagonal slide. Unlike the project gigs with long term milestones and elongated engagements with spikes of activity that I have been used to, its an operational role that runs at a constant fast set spiked pace. The majority of the day to day activity revolves around managing, (re)assigning and backfilling of projects to just under a hundred engineers, analysts and architects across Australia. Then there are the weekly labour utilisation and billing reports, the implementation of capability processes and the global tools and standards. The role will eventually allow for some relief as I work out templates and can offshore some of the reporting functions and I can begin focussing on strategic development and capability planning. So, it’ll be interesting to take hold of the role and to see if we can apply some of the architecture discipline to the operational aspects.

On the home front, after having moved up to Broadford, the “ready to move in home” turned out to have a few things that still needed to be done. The sewerage pump died a few weeks after moving in, the deck needed oiling and the “little bit of land” that surrounds it also needs constant attention – and not just mowing either. It is keeping us busy with task after task – and a few surprises too. Heck, just this week saw us coming home Tuesday night to find a waterfall coming off the roof which meant I immediately had to climb unto said roof and repair a burst pipe cap on the solar hot water system, Wednesday had us chasing and clearing out the swarm of millipedes that have been stirred by the sprinkling of rain and decided the house was a better location, and then Saturday involved spending 5 hours lifting, moving and stacking six tons of firewood into the wood shed.

So, well, the madness of March is almost over and perhaps with April, the showers of change may be kinder.

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