The “creating your reality” truth and myth


  • Reality has not, does not, and (perhaps most importantly) will not alter for you.
  • You cannot choose your emotions, but you can choose your perception
  • Your perception alters your view of reality
  • Your view of reality can alter your interaction with it
  • The way you interact with reality determines your experience
  • So, shine.

The Slightly longer version

Life is meaningless. It has no reason.

Don’t go looking for it. Searching for life’s meaning is like searching for the reptilian overlords global dominance scheme in a marshmallow factory. It may be fun, you may even have many wonderful experiences  —  but ultimately you come out sticky, filled with sugar and no smarter for it.

Let me reiterate and assure you of this fact — there. is. none.

It is but a random collection of circumstances that happens to exist after 13.8 billion years worth of random things with random actions in a set of unguided events and it is only those with arts degrees who can find patterns where there is none and only theosophers who think the universe has a purpose just for the teeny aspect that are the human race.

Even ignoring the grandness of the entire universe, humans are in a world where we walk around in a determined period of time which can simultaneously seem far too long, and, far too short. It can be happy, and, it can be sad.

It will probably be tough.

It will definitely be tiring.

Before you realise it, you will be old.

Soon after, you’ll be dead.

It’s all very nihilistic, isn’t it?

But it doesn’t have to be.

We can choose to be pessimistic, optimistic, a cynic or a romantic dreamer.

It is up to you.

Life may be random and filled with unguided events — but if you look at life with the perception filter that everyone is out to get you, or that everyone is trying to rob you blind or that everyone is only looking out for themselves — then that is exactly what you will see.

That is all you will see.

You will suspect everyone and question every motivation. Life has not changed, reality has not morphed — you simply see the world through one viewing angle.

Due to the blinkering effect, how can you see the opportunities, let alone act on them? You can (and will) only ever see threats. You will act to protect yourself from the “reality of a brutal and an uncaring world”.

Mind you — being neither an optimist or a dreamer has the same reality morphing effect — namely, none. However, it does provide the ability to see, and perhaps even act upon, those random events — “attracting” opportunities.

So, there is only one sensible thing to do, isn’t there?

Take this empty, meaningless existence and FILL IT.

Fill it with the self-fulfilling prophecy of your choice.

Fill it with experiences.


Friends. Family. Lovers.

Learn as much as you can and then share your ideas.

Be excited. Be enthusiastic. Be proud of what you do.

Take pride in who you are.

Partake in food and wine and art and travel.

Have sex. Make love. Cuddle.

Be compassionate and give with all your heart.

Hug … a lot.

This is how you create your own reality — you “become the change you want to see in the world”.

You alter your perception of the world and you fill it with everything you can muster that is good.

You grab hold of this incredibly exciting, meaningless, empty and one life of yours … and you shine … and perhaps in doing so others may also shine — whether it be by reflecting you — or through igniting their own brightness.

What do you have to lose?

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