Frightful Thursday update …

Is the hallowmistmas season upon us already?

The joys of being overwhelmed by a plethora of workloadings, along with the minutia of unpacking a the contents of one home into another sure does make time fly.

Workplace duties has seen my attending global calls at very odd hours for two or more hours at a time for what I often cynically believe could have been provided in a single page eMail – though, I also know human dynamics means that very few people would have actually read such a missive, let alone absorbed the message. My workload has all been aimed at one client. Who keeps raising projects, keeps asking for my involvement and then plays an amusing game of “keeps away” by changing scope and priority whilst consistently failing to meet their own timelines for provision of information or access to allow me to deliver my own side of the project.

The initiation of enterprise architecture by stealth into one client has created more work for me, as the client thought my ideas were good … but then wanted me to create templates, examples, build out a section … in short, my workload has increased to help them improve their own processes. Yay me. On the other hand, it keeps my WBS sheet filled. So, yay me!

I had raised my hand for a few extra curricular activities, committees and responsibilities that make me wonder if I am not-so-secretly a sadomasochist for taking on so many things? I have a half-dozen paper submissions to review and an HSE audit report to complete before Saturday when I go on leave for a week. So the other fanciful ideas I had about considering merging the cTOGAF chapters into the L2 training materials and creating a new skeleton structure for our corporate Architecture Handbook as well as a proposal for a New Starter Kit … which are all going back to the backburner for now.

The aforementioned disconnection brought upon by being so busy and having time fly is further amplified by having lost my iPad to Ingrid so the plethora of social connections and networks I normally interact with and the news sites I normally peruse have been out of sight and mind. The TV has also remained disconnected as we attempt to ensure that we actually get the place cleaned up and in order for the guests who will be staying with us for the next week. Thus, I truly have experienced the “ignorance is bliss” experience as I have not followed politics, Q and A, or other pop culture nonsense for nigh near a fortnight.

As mentioned, I get a week off starting Friday eve. During this time I get to avoid family completely guilt free. Never having had chickenpox, the fact that a nephew, a cousin and my own mother have have either chickenpox or its shingles variant makes visiting them terra prohibita for me. Unless I have already been infected, in which case, I am going to have a very bad week. If I did manage to successfully avoid the dreaded pox, then the aforementioned disconnective experience has shown me that there may indeed be value in the “offline holiday” that is espoused by others. So, this week coming may see me going on an electronic diet. Perhaps the adrenaline-pumping, heart-stopping excitement of travelling to Heronswood Gardens, Agricultural Field Days, Antique Dealers and Salvage yards that our guests have requested may alter that dietary promise.

So, that’s me for this week.

Over and out.

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