as busy and confused as a bee at a perfume factory …

Life is stretching me from pillar to post at the moment, between the packing, unpacking, cleaning, sorting and generally just shifting into the new place, work commitments, mild illness and what have you, leaves very little time in the day, and that’s all while falling behind on my farm based activities or being distracted by social interactions on or off the internet!

Then there are the little things, like the fact that the backyard is now 2 Acres of space that requires little things – 

  • Weeding, lots and lots of weeding.
  • And lots of lots of pruning and hedge shaping
  • then there was the Leaf curl that was attacking the nectarines, apricots and citrus trees at the back so a good spray of copper sulphate was due – it’ll mean no fruit this year, but a stronger plant next year.
  • also an unexpected late frost burned my vegie garden – temperatures dropped to 0 and the frost killed all the tomato seedlings, the basil and half the grape vines too. I’ve now ordered a few cloths to create a frost cover and as the tomato stalks didn’t freeze, have erected guards around them to see if they can be revived – if they do it just means a later (and reduced) fruiting but at least we will still have some. I’ll have to re-seed the basil though.
  • See also lots and lots of grass needing mowing … or grazing

Then there’s the maintenance. Just because the house is new to us, doesn’t mean it is new. So gutters need cleaning, windows need lubricating, and then there are the problems like the solar hot water collector blowing its top off some time Friday. Literally.  It literally blew the end cap out and the mains pressure town water sloshed out across the roof and down the gutters. How long it went for I don’t really know, but the two 22,500L rainwater tanks and the quarter-meg dam are all full now. So, I expect at least 2 to 5 thousand litres was lost due to that. All because Rheem decided to make the joiners and end caps out of bakelite. BAKELITE! Seriously! I spent Saturday morning running around the countryside to 8 different hardware and plumbing supply stores with no luck. The Rheem spare parts department was (obviously!) closed on the weekends, so no luck there. I got lucky on Sunday morning when searching for something completely unrelated in the garage I found a replacement cap. It had a crack in it, but with some double mix araldite, insulation tape and a couple of bits of steel wire, I reinforced it and put it onto the system so we could once again experience the joys of a hot shower. I have ordered spares so there is no lengthy lag time next time …

In between, we drove an hour each way back to the rental to clean up, put the bins out and cart back a few more odds and ends, pick up a bed from the furniture store, the mattresses from my parents abode, unpack more boxes and sort out where things are going to live in the new place.

On a lighter note, whilst many cats may be stressed out or worried by the changes around them, not ours! Instead, she made sure she wouldn’t get left behind by sneaking into the furniture van and finding a comfortable spot for the ride up.


Once at the new abode, it took absolutely no time for her to get acquainted with the new place and as soon as any room was unpacked … it was hers.


So … that’s a snapshot of our life at the moment … and that was just one weekend!

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