The thoughts that raise the questions that invoke the thoughts that …

My brain is swirling with half-thoughts, musings, wonderings and a general mess of clues of connectedness.

There’s so many aspects happening that I don’t even know where to start. For example …

I have wonderings about the sway to the re-integration of empathic base behaviours that lead us to return to societal values over the values of the self via enlightened self-interest.

Is there more or less value in offering a brutal objective honesty of life view versus the soft cushioning of motivational clichés and proverbs?

The pros and cons  of Agriculture. Do we need a new revolution? A brown revolution where the responsibility of the guardian of land should not be the growth of “corn” or “meat” but the growth of healthy, regenerable soil? With healthy soil comes healthy plants and healthy plants equals (both directly and indirectly) healthy food.

I have thoughts on the future of business, Corporate Responsibility, Ethics and social transparency. The end of the “growth or death” and “greed is good” schools of thought and the beginning of the new enterprise that returns to corporations built on purpose and not (just) profits.

Are we turning into a society that is fostering a culture of Super Stress? Is the always on, instant gratification, Sensory Explosion we subject ourselves to combined with the saturated capitalism of “everything is retail” and “all power to corporation” really the best thing for individuals, society or earth? Are we ignoring the keys to Health & Happiness in pursuit of an ever-increasing goal? Is gamification about motivating us and keeping us entertained or training us to continue forth as pawns on a board into the front lines?

Why do so many people visit my blogs and social sites but so few respond or interact?

Will my head explode before I work any of it out?

2 thoughts on “The thoughts that raise the questions that invoke the thoughts that …”

    1. You know, it’s easy to forget the musings of a teenage mind. The myriad of years between then and now along with the accumulated knowledge and experiences dulls the memories and … apparently … offers no additional clues.

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