My Rules for when I need to write.

I often forget these myself, but when i used to write poetry and short fiction, these were the rules i followed. no reason they cant be used for blogs as well. Hopefully these may help you too.

The first thing you need to do is write.

Seems obvious, I know, but how many of us are procrastinators? Afraid of not saying it right. Afraid of failing to meet some internal and invisible lofty goal. Afraid of criticism. Judgement.

Forget those things. Just put down a word. Then another. Another one. Can’t find the right word? Put down something that is close enough. No, don’t argue, just go on … put it down.

Now, keep going. Finish what you’re writing. No matter what, just finish it. Let the cat meow once more than you’re comfortable. Let the dog whine at the back door for one more second. Let the kids have that apple that will spoil their appetite … Whatever you have to do to, just finish it. Finish it.

Done? Good.

Now, put it aside and forget about it.

Don’t post it. Don’t look at it for at least 24 hours.

When you go back, do so with a cup of tea and your most critical gaze.

Read it pretending you’ve never read it before. Attack it. Choose better words. Rephrase it.

Show it to friends whose opinion you respect . Send it to those and who like the kind of thing that you are writing. Then send it to someone who hates it. Now, put it aside and forget about it, again.

When you get your feedback, accept it. Fix it. Don’t make it perfect. You will never make it perfect. Don’t go chasing that horizon.

Is it good? Great. Post it.

Move onto the next thing.

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