Reblogged: On friends vs community

Rachel Hills wrote this On her blog and I wanted to share it as it it is a perfect little clarifier of something I have been trying to word for sometime:

“Would you rather have twenty friends you saw once a month, or five friends you saw every week?” he asked me. “And before you answer, you can’t say ‘both.’”

I hadn’t been planning on it. “Well,” I said. “Friends and community are different. Friends are people you spend time with because you individually enjoy each other’s company and build up a bond over time. A community is a group of people who come together because they share a common purpose.”

“There are people who cross over both, but I have friends who aren’t part of any of my communities, and people in my communities who aren’t really my friends,” I continued. “My problem in London isn’t that I don’t have any friends. It’s that I haven’t yet found a community.”

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