“It’s my belief and you should respect and accept that”

I was told this today. It was said with heartfelt conviction and sincerity. It was reinforced by another who stated that, indeed, I should do just that. However, they were not talking about the fact that either one of them believe in a God or a religion or some such.


I was told that in regards to the fact that they believe homosexuality is “not natural” and that “to them” it is “wrong”.

Here’s an idea … No way! Get Fucked! Fuck off!

You may as well have said “my [culture and/or religion] believes in beating women and you should respect and accept that” or “my [culture and/or religion] believes in keeping slaves and you should respect and accept that” heck why not go for the trifecta and say “my [culture and/or religion] believes in obliterating any form of dissent!”

You want me to respect you? Fine, earn it … you want me to accept your spiritual or religious beliefs, no problem … but if you actually expect me to turn around and somehow allow you to be a hateful, discriminatory bigot and ignore the fact that it is something that is fundamentally morally wrong and reprehensible as well then you can expect a great big double-shotgun load of fuck no with a great big helping of “are you fucking kidding me you backwards fuck?” right in your face … and I don’t care how long we have been friends for.

Because, that’s my belief.


[Reposted from xntrek]

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