the iPad – another month later …

So, I thought I’d start noting the differences I find between the Android and iOS devices into a table. Now, my positives and negatives may not be yours, so do not look at this as a means of saying one is better than the other so much as listing the differentiators. I will continue to build this out as I go, and you are welcome to add to the list and categories by accessing the google spreadsheet here.


If you are looking to determine the right device for yourself, then other than my most important tip (go out and play with it!) my other sugestion is to copy this sheet and assign a category a weighting (e.g. 1 for not important and 10 for very important) and then provide each differentiator with a score of 1 for positives and 0 for negatives. multiply the differentiators by the weightings and add them all up to provide an overview of the device that is most likely right for you.

[Reposted from xntrek]

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