fun things they never tell you about depression …

  • its not about “happy” or “sad” … it’s mostly about “meh” … from a deep hole.
  • stress triggers a lot more anxiety than you even imagined was possible
  • anxiety fucks with you and everything you do
  • sleep? ha!
  • Say hallo to my little sleeping disorder Insomnia
  • ooooh, you managed to fall asleep? here, have a nightmare where your pillow turns into a life threatening carnivorous animal and is about to chomp on your head.
  • Oh, did that give you a boost of unwanted adrenaline as you woke up screaming in a fight or flight ready state?
  • lack of sleep affects your brain’s chemical functionality – especially Serotonin and neuropeptides … which affect depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses … which affects your sleeping … which affects …
  • that reminds me – SNRIs? Yeah, they stop working after some time
  • coming off an SNRI drug is a two week tour of hell
  • going onto a new type of SNRI drug, yeop, a new two week tour of hell
  • Memory? Oh, you have it, but your brain decided to play portal with your synaptic pathways … good luck with that.
  • same thing with bursts of motivation …
  • I’d like to go back to my head devouring carnivorous pillow now, but it’s time for the alarm to sound so I can get ready for work.

Author: xntrek

Just an awkward, politically incorrect, maladjusted, ire-filled, eccentric curmudgeon and decrier of lawn trespassers.