It’s an everlasting struggle …

No matter what people think, the reality is that I will never be “cured” of depression.

This reminds me of the words that always ring in my ears from my previous GP who once said to me,

“you have to think of it like this – asthmatics will always be asthmatic – even when it seems it has gone away for years … you’ll always have dysthemia. Sometimes it will be chronic and sometimes it will feel like it has gone, but, chances are you will always need some form of treatment. ”

Being angry at depression is like being angry at asthma – basically useless and somewhat self indulgent.

Sometimes, the meds help … sometimes they just don’t seem to make a difference.

Stress makes it worse. As does illness. Anxiety is the gateway emotion to dark places.

Sometimes there’s a trigger … if you’re lucky.

It sucks.

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