The iPad: A month in …

So, I bit the bullet and bought the iPad – ordered it online so I even got my free engraving:

Not going to bore you with a long winded review – here’s some points at the end of the first month.

Things I Hate:
  • File management – or the complete and utter lack there of! 
  • Inability to search for text within files
  • The Keyboard and in particular its lack of cursor keys

Things that are Annoyances:

  • Apps that fail to be rotation aware
  • Apps that are marked as “universal” and are just the unmodified iPhone apps
  • iTunes as the default management tool
  • Lack of Adobe Air and Flash Support

Things I still Love:

  • Power Management
  • The Retina Screen
  • The uniformity (mostly) of application aesthetics and functionality
  • The killer apps that made me choose the ipad over the Android
    • the ones that make Social media consumption easy (Flipboard and Zite)
    • the one that makes non-DRM & PDF reading and annotation so easy (Goodreader)


[Reposted from xntrek]

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