The perfect job …

I mean other than “paid a ludicrous amount of money to simply make up the numbers whilst having no requirements, deliverables or responsibilities” Is there such a thing?

What would yours be?

I don’t even know if mine would exist.

The things I am good at are things that seem to be things that people don’t seem to hunt. Like deductive reasoning, right-brain left-field thinking and being an all round goofball who just happens to think differently enough to see things in a way no one else around me seems to. I seem to be able to Identify synergies and make connections between seemingly disparate pieces of information. 

But there’s no call for a “brilliant thinker” on the job boards.

The things I enjoy and am passionate about are seemingly diametrically juxtaposed in the work force.

Teaching, consulting, agriculture, food, technology.

How do I even start to combine these into a job?

Let alone one that can pay the mortgages?


[Reposted from xntrek]

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