Vegan Agendas?

I was pointed to a blog today via twitter entitled “The Hidden Vegan Agenda

In the post the author states that: 

People say “veganism has a hidden agenda.”

Every aspect of animal consumption and slaughter takes place with a hidden agenda.

and then promptly goes into a full page tirade of the evil of meat production and consumption before concluding with the enlightened gem of

“Contrast this with eating a plant-based diet. There is nothing hidden about veganism. Everything we grow, everything we eat and discuss, is quite literally out in the open with anyone at any age”

Which is all very well and good, except the fact that it’s a blinkered view.  It blinkers the fact that plants are alive and have feelings – they have been recorded playing, and have been proven to have personalities and reactions – however, since they do not walk around, nor scream, nor even perform in a timeline that is along our own – it’s not a factor, is it?

Here’s the truth. Life eats life.

At the end of the day, all life consumes life. There is no exception. You are choosing a ethimoral stance based on the fact that food looked back at you – fine, no problem. But do not ever compare the wilful torture and torment of an animal at the hands of a psychopath-in-training to the humnane and ethical treatment of farm animals. Otherwise I may have to compare the Vegan manifesto in the same sentence as the Aryan charter.

The question of “Agenda” is that many people utilise emotive half-truths and clouded arguments rather than a truly objective, factual and reasoned argument.

Often, Vegans attack an industry or practice under the guise of the humane treatment of animalsand yet, will not be satisified until the entire industry is shut down. Hardly an argument for not having an agenda.

As for hiding the animals to food relationship – no farmers do that. That is an issue that is firmly the domain of those who are too superior to go out into the country and spend time learning about their food and the true practices of the farmers.

Humans are omnivores. It is the way we are gentically created. The “perfect” diet for us is one of 75% plant based and 25% meat based. This is true for all primate ape species – us, gorillas, chimpanzees.

Certain things may be choices – but do not turn it into a holy war.


[Reposted from xntrek]

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