New element Discovery: Cs


A new Trace Element was discovered today – Common Sense (Cs) has been part of the human psyche and mythology throughout history, but proof of it’s existence has long been debated. However, thanks to the work of scientists and particle acceleration based elctron spectroscopy, scientists have been able to find the rare element.

Unlike many other elements, Cs cannot exist beyond a single ppm of an object. The scientific team that made the historic discovery, Wundaer, Aldoe & Herzfott, discovered that they were able to determine the measure of the deficiency of Cs by bombarding an object with a short lived synthetic element Ss (affectionately called “the Stupids”) and determining the uptake amount.

This measurement is referred to as the number of WAHs.

As one WAH is equivalent to one part per billion, it has created the common misconception of the absence of the Cs element.

A common Human being, for example, is said to have a Cs deficiency of between 3 to 12 WAHs.

More research is planned and government grants are being sought to determine public benefits to the research.

[Reposted from xntrek]

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