Eugenics influenced Melbourne …

Eugenics was the political correctness of it’s times in the 1920s and 30s before it came out of style with WW2 and the holocaust. It still helped shape the socioecopolitical environment though …

Victoria’s first director of education, Frank Tate, a eugenicist, adopted many of [Richard] Berry’s ideas. Tate supported a multi-streamed system of secondary education in which students at the age of 12 would be funnelled into vocational or academic schools.

In Victoria, a system of technical schools was established mainly in the northern and western suburbs in the 1920s. This was because Tate believed that the working class was genetically fit for a vocational education, but not an academic one. As his friend Berry said, ”You can’t put a brain where there isn’t one.”

The Age : A theory out of the darkness

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