Furry shaped heart strings …

Biscuit, our little eleven year old Persian is very sick. He was very lethargic, hadn’t eaten or drunk anything in a few days and has lost over 700grams. When we saw the the vet today at 5pm, he tells us that he thinks it’s likely kidney failure or something else just as serious that has a rapid onset and that Biscuit has a 50/50 chance of not surviving the next few days …

I already was not coping with that news too well.

Then over the course of this evening – he got worse. He kept losing strength until he couldn’t walk and then he started twitching … a sign of possible convulsions and the horrors that such a condition brings. So we took him down to the Emergency Animal Vet Hospital where he is checked in and spending the night while they drip fluids into him and run further blood tests.

We are hoping to give him a fighting chance, and we are hoping he has what it takes to pick up … but I have to prepare myself that he isn’t coming out of this.

I don’t want to put him down, but I don’t want him to suffer either. 

Knowing where that line rests is just as painful as seeing him deteriorate so quickly in just a few days.


[Reposted from xntrek]

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