Well, shit, I guess I was duped …

Well, to be more precise, I guess I was happy to believe a line about evil profiteering pharmaceuticals …

After going back and doing a little bit more research about the previous post (Pharmaceuticals ignore cancer cure …) I discover a more detailed analysis and response to the situation:

Unfortunately, the New Scientistarticle and articles in the Edmonton Sun featured headlines to that effect and quotes bythe investigator Evangelos Michelakis lamenting how he had had difficulties finding funding to do the next step, clinical trials in cancer. As a result of these sensationalistic stories, unscrupulous “businessmen” sought to bring DCA to the masses. A frenzy of sorts was unleashed, with desperate cancer patients scrambling to find DCA. If you’re interested in the details, scroll to the end of this post for a list of the numerous blog posts that I did on the topic as the story was evolving. That’s the past, and all the “Insolence” and science are there for you if you want to read it.

and read it I did.

One has to remember that cancer is not just one disease. Not only that, but even a single type cancer is often not just one disease. As I have written extensively about before, cancer is incredibly complex. Because of that complexity, it’s incredibly unlikely that any one drug will be any sort of “magic bullet” to cure cancer. Worse, simply using a drug like DCA outside the auspices of well-designed clinical trials will virtually guarantee that we will never know for sure whether the drug actually works. Because of that, as frustrating as it is, as slow as it is, letting science take its course to determine if DCA works, how it works, and for what cancers it works is the best method to make sure that the most patients are helped and the fewest are harmed. I don’t say this because I want DCA to fail; I say it because I want DCA to be shown to be an efficacious treatment for cancer.

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