La La Laaaaa …

We packed, moved and unpacked half our house this weekend … so, that’s all we did.

This week we are probably going to do the some more of the same every night as we discovered that since there is no TV, no internet and no computes at our place and while they are available at the rental place, there’s no electricity there until Thursday … that the range of pastime activities after 8pm come down to reading, sleeping and one other bedroom based activity. 

Among the list of tasks, I still need to:

  • organise a gardener to spruce up the yards
  • finish the side retaining wall and garden
  • patch and paint the ensuite
  • patch and paint the study
  • fix the 3 skirting boards and one window architrave I have failed to fix
  • organise the window guys to replace the two cracked panes
  • organise a new front door
  • hire some rental furniture
  • List the property for sale

I also have to build some screens to put together a cat run at the rental as well …

I may not be relishing this part of the “plan” … I know that my goals require sacrifice, but this is ludicrous!  

Ah, well, I have no one to blame but my own dreamy self. I wanted this farm plan and eco home … so I need to shut up and get on with it I guess.

[Reposted from xntrek]

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