Finding my ikigai.

My raison d’être. Not just a passion, but a deep understanding of what will bring me true satisfaction and meaning to my life.

So, to work out what that would be, i needed an understanding of what I perceived I needed to ensure that satisfaction.

  • Set up my life so that I am constantly nudged into physical activity. This can mean walking for short trips,choosing the manual rather than automated method for yard and house work. Even things like mixing up a batch of pasta by hand rather than using the processor.
  • I want to create a time to downshift. A day to let the week pass me by. An hour to just let the problems slide on past.
  • I want to change my life focus. Remove myself from the work to retire mentality and into the “I awaken for my sense of purpose”. I am aware that sense of purpose will change over time, but I want it to be there for every day of my life.
  • I will focus on altering my diet. Drink a little bit every day, not all at once at the end of the week. Refocus my diet around an 80% plant-based and 20% meat based diet.
  • Build strategies to keep from overeating, probably just little things that nudge to nudge me away from the plate at the right time.
  • I want to proactively surround myself with the right people. Friends, Family, Community and Kindred/Drawn spirits.
  • Increase my recreational activity to include a lot more friend based physical activity – bowling, hiking, gardening, diving … it doesn’t really matter other than to join friends and activity.

Mostly it’s about the building up of those people I interact with. When you think about it your friends are long-term adventures. I want to have long, fruitful and positive adventures with as many wonderful people as is possible in my life. It doesn’t matter if I will never meet you in the flesh, because you can never say never.

I believe the most significant thing I can do to add more wealth and more vitality (perhaps even more years) to my life is to focus on these things.

I think I need this for my soul.

I want to be this every day regardless of whether that ever happens.

So, what have I come up with?

A hobby farm. A place with some acreage. Aplace where I can grow vegetables, and breed poultry and have a few goats. A place that will let me give birth to an idea, and gestate it over the next ten years, to eventually open up to the public an “open commune” in the form of cabin based farm stay B&B with an onsite osteria within an interactive community.

That’s my dream. That’s where I hope to find my ikigai.

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