I can’t believe I just wasted an hour of my life to read that report

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) Content Filtering Pilot Report is a 97 page report that says:

  • If you give an ISP a list of URLs they can block all of them. (Wow, who’da thunkit!)
  • Filter engines would otherwise catch 78-84% of the unwanted sites with a 2-5% collateral damage
  • Costs will vary (!! no shit, really?)
  • Bigger ISPs will find it cheaper as they can spread the cost across more users (wow, a maths major!)
  • All of the solutions can be circumvented (You mean, like the great firewall of China?)
  • If the objectionable material is hosted on non web servers, it’ll be harder to block (we don’t know how to filter IRCbots)
  • There is an impact on speeds, but we want to sweep that under the carpet and blame network design or claim it’s “negligible” without defining what that means.

How much was spent on getting this report? Seriously, I’m in the wrong fucking game.

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