At the end of the road lies a floating restuarant

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We went off for a wee bit off a drive across Gippsland, and into Sale for some lunch, then across to Lakes Entrance, where we had a dinner of a seafood platter on a houseboat.

Unfortunately, the place has swapped hands, and in doing so has lost it’s talent. It’s always a shame to go back to a place you have fond memories of to see that the shine has been licked off, but they still keep polishing the plastic trying to convince you it’s still the same trophy.

Regardless, we had a lovely stroll along the edge of the lakes and back to the motel, watched the Time Traveller’s Wife, taught Ingrid how to play Scopa (Italian card game) and had an all round pleasant night.

Today we headed back and stopped at Bairnsdale, where we explored their version of the sistine chapel, St Mary’s Catholic Church that was built in around 1911 and was painted by a Venetian artist who resided in the area over 4 years.

We then headed down to Alltime Antiques & Bairnsdale Clocks where we spent an inordinate amount of time looking at the thousands of restored clocks, antiques and assorted goodies of an aged and thus over priced nature.

This (un)fortunately led me to discover a camera I have been hunting for some time, a Kowa SIX, sitting all alone on a shelf, and lo and behold, in full working order. Along with a novelty item, a small mahogany viewfinder made by SHEW (of London)

Ingrid has told me that was my Birthday and Christmas presents.

We also stopped at the Australian Wildlife Art Gallery in Munro. We were immediately affronted by a Blue Wren who checked us out,

investigated our windscreen for illegal (and/or tasty) bug morsels

and then gave us an official mooning

before heading back into the scrub.

The gallery also held a few interesting pieces:

So, now we are home, and a tad tired and there is stuff to do before heading back to work tomorrow.

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