utopian dreams

I had a lovely chat with a long time mate of mine over lunch today while sitting in the glorious winter sun and walking around the stadium.

We were discussing a number of things, and then we got onto my views of equality and hypocrisy.

He has known me for many, many years – so he cut to the quick in no time and said:

You have two problems. One, you are constantly aiming for utopia. Two, you never sit in the poor bastard’s shoes who’s life you’re throwing upside down because they aren’t or can’t reach your ideals.

Well, shit.

That had me stumped.

We walked along for a little longer and said:

Don’t stop being Utopian. It’s one of your most endearing features. Just practice being objective – you can do it with work, you can do it with our clients, just … try harder to do it with these people too. Try to understand why they are not seeing the picture, or why they areresistant. Remember they are human and they may be scared, hurt or just trying to manage with what they have.

That’s why I love this man. He gives me a much need lighthouse beam. I wish there were more lunchtimes like today and more friends like him.

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