Seriously, enough.

I am sick and tired of the male vs female crap.

Why is there even such a thing as the battle of the sexes?

Why can’t a it be one individual complimenting another rather than “a guy sweet talking a girl” or a “girl fishing for an ego boost”?

Maybe I just don’t get it.

Can guys and gals only talk to each other if they want to get laid? If that’s the case, it explains why I failed at the whole dating thing. It also explains why I am constantly feeling like I’m missing a huge piece of the picture.

A banana is just a banana and a mango is just a mango.

Why are we constantly trying to make it something else?

Why does it fucking matter what sex, age, colour or whatever … I seriously It frustrates the absolute fuck out of me.

I don’t look at my “irl” friends in that way … I have male, female, gay, transgender, black, yellow, white PEOPLE who I interact with. I don’t think to myself “Oh, that’s [redacted] he’s a gay, black male – so I better treat him like x, never say y and tenderfoot around z. I just treat him as an individual. I never look at [redacted] and say ok, I knew him when he was still a she and a lesbian, so I have to …. fuck that, they are a friend who I love, respect and offer my time to like anyone else.

If any of my friends need a hug, they can get it from me, if they need a reminder about how wonderful they are, they’ll get it from me, if they need an extra pair of hands, a car, a shoulder, a fist – whatever, it’s theirs.

I never want to stop and think “oh, shit, are they going to see this as x, y or z?”

And i never want to feel like that with anyone.

Fuck, I know I’m not perfect – but I just seriously, in all honest fucking truth do not get this shit.

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