I feel like I’m either always making them, or expected to.

Never recieving them though.

Why is that?

Apparently being a white male is the biggest crime I could have commited.

Now this isn’t a platform for you white supremicists to jump on, fuck you guys, if anything, you’ve made shit worse.

As a white coloured person, I am meant to apologise for every wrong ever perpetrated to anyone in the past by someone of the same colour skin.

As a man, I am meant to apologise for the patriarchal society.

As a hetrosexual I am meant to apologise to for a breeder-centric society.

As an atheist I am meant to apologise to those of faith.


I came from an abusive household,
I came from a racist community.
I came from a region where it was ok to hunt me down and bash the living shit out of me.
I came from a place where the police were the purpetratrators rather than the protectors.
I was 15 and I ran away.
I went and lived in a share house full of gay guys and gals.
I was then bashed, not because I was a “daggo” but because I was “gay” … regardless of the truth.

So where are my apologies?

Where are my validations of the atrocities commited to me?

Where’s my allowance to rage?

No, I am not allowed, because others “can trump me” by adding femal, black, jewish, gay, etc on top.

Why can’t it be about EQUALITY?

All I see (besides my pain being ignored), is hypocrisy.

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