My Teenage Angst in Poetry

Going through some old paperwork today, I discovered some of my old teenage poetry from around 1988

o_O  Damn, I’m feeling old now 😛

Anyhows, for a trip down memory lane and to record this into the digital records here are the four I found:


Wings of golden fury,
Fighting against unseen forces,
The heavens glow red,
With unshed blood.

Dusty stampede precedes,
Tears drop overhead,
From gaia’s womb,
Unnatural heat erupts.

Solid winds carry the earth’s abundance,
Delivering fertility to the raging beast,
It’s black shadow rises,
Devouring the searing sphere.

Minutes to hours,
Hours to days,
The draconian beast continues still,
Consuming with everlasting appetite.


Dawn breaks over the quite waters,
The sun reflects off cold steel,
All is clear in the blue heavens,
As men ready for war.

Symbols of strength and manhood,
These sticks of thunder, pain and cruelty,
The army stalks through the wetlands,
Seeking the enemy without being seen.

“There they are!”, “Quick, get ’em!”,
Fire erupts, the enemy drops,
No return battle, taken by surprise,
For all they have is a … Quack.


The axis had turned,
The war was on,
Europe burned,
As little red poppies spon,
From the blood of youth.

Blades sung as lightning struck,
Thunder erupted from pipes of war,
Farmers toiled to make a buck,
As many a nation became a whore,
And on Earth hell came aloof.

Freedom flew over the land of the sun,
Dropping its message of peace,
Mushrooms of fire are no fun,
When your children become less than grease,
And your whole world becomes dust.

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