A confession

On one of my other more public blogs, I wrote an entry: YOU ARE AWESOME

Yes YOU!

The person reading this!

I know, I know, you’re thinking, huh, not me … you’re thinking that you don’t feel awesome and this post isn’t for you. Well, you’re wrong. It is for you because you are awesome.

Sometimes you need a reminder that you are, and this is one of those times.

You do not need to be the most popular person; you do not need to have a hundred comments on your posts; you do not need a hundred stars … all you need is one, from that special someone who gets you and you know means it.

Everyone feels alone. Whether they realise it or not. Sure, some of us feel it more than others. Some of us are constantly seeking validation, love, attention … but the one thing that always works is the love of another.

We can all feel the connection between ourselves and another human being. It’s there, “in potentia”. So, the next time you feel alone, think of the people you surround yourself with amd how awesome they are, remind them, and they’ll remind you too. Even if that person is someone you will never meet past your computer screen.

So, to those of you reading this you are someone who fit this category.

You are Lovely.

You are Wonderful.

You have your own brand of Funny.

You bring something unique to our Interaction.

Because of that, I’m so glad I know you, even though we may never meet.

In the true dichotomy that is my life, I believe this and fullheartedly endorse it.

But …

I don’t feel it for myself.

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