Sat 14.02.09

Today was valentine’s day. I awoke to find card and chocolate lips on my bedside table.

The thought was sweet, but my head tried to make them negative – “would she have remembered if I hadn’t given her my card first?”; “there wasn’t as much effort put in as my card” – and other such stupid and useless thoughts … why does my head do that? Why can I never be happy with the action? Why must it constantly demean any action of affection towards myself?

I ignored the thoughts in my head and took a shower, which allowed me to try and suppress/wash them away.

The rest of the day was spent pleasantly enough – breakfast at a homestead, quick trip to the hardware store, visit from the blind factory quotation person.. I did notice a slightly higher propensity to become agitated faster throughout the day, wonder if thatis due to the thought process from the morning?

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