Xenophobia or Racism?

Ever notice when a Caucasian makes a comment against a certain race, it’s unequivocally racist?

It’s apparently worse, against certain races (or really religions), where we have specialist racist words (i.e. antisemitic).

However, if those same comments come out of another race – it’s apparently not racism. No. It is xenophobia.


This is why I found The most racist site you’ll see today, such a good read … amazing how a peice of text that seems blatently racist – deploringly so – is seen as an ‘innocent’ mission statement. It truely amazes me that a simple cut and replace of the words ‘Jewish’ and ‘White’ can do to a written statement.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if you are white, black, yellow, red, purple or green … I really don’t. Not just because I am of mixed descent, nor because I was a victim of naked, ignorant, hateful racism as a child … but because as far as I am concerned, i will “judge” you on your merits, your words and your actions … not those associated to you by some fake label of race or creed.

I will judge you on those fake labels, though, if you utilise them … stand there and tell me about white supremecy and I will call you a bigotted, insecure, weak spirited, brain dead sheep and also ask you to leave my presence. However, if you spout the views of the white supremist replacing “white” with “black” or “Jew” or “American” or “Christian” or “Scientology”… whatever, really, then in my books, you deserve the same response.

So if you believe that the above referenced article is antisemitic should consider why? Because one dares to highlight the hypocrosy?

I have always prided myself on not blindly forming opinions – I try to learn, experiance, and understand the views of others before I become “anti-” anything … and as of today, I can still say I am only anti-stupid … and if you are one of the above mentioned xenophobes, or religionists for that matter, then perhaps you need to look at the hundreds of similarities between yourselves and others rather than the few differences.

Remember, exclusionary policies are always racist … no matter who holds them.

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