Welcome to Sanity, Gone … F.U.B.A.R.

It started off as a personal podcast of one person’s issues with sanity as they struggle through chronic depression and anxiety and try to hold onto the grasps of sanity as their view of the world, their life and themself transforms around them as the Pandora’s box that was opened during therapy continues to spew forth constant streams of thoughts, feelings and memories that must be dealt with.

We’re not sure if the box will be closed before hope escapes.

This is all for want of Therapy.

Whether the therapy is mine or yours is yet to be determined.

I started to hope it may help someone else – whether it’s to allow one person to realise that they are not alone in their own version of the hell that is chronic depression and anxiety, or whether its because it helps another to understand those around them that may be going through it.

The entries will be intermixed with the podcast sessions, vents of rage, research and links of use. Don’t expect anything logical, it will be a melting pot of fried synapses … and I promise nothing more than that.

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