Tue 02.12.08

Not feeling any better today.

Forced myself to get up, shower and go to work.

Was very nauseus and light headed in the morning. Absolutly crashed in the car as my partner drove us in. I rook a nuerofen plus as I got to my desk, but it didn’t relieve the symptoms.

Tried eating a slice of raisin toast and a cup of chamomile for breakfast – but I just felt worse afterward.

Struggled to focus on anything, let alone my work.

The rest of the day was no better – struggled through lunch, and decided to skip dinner.

My body is fucking with me – with cramping and “needle jab” pains travelling around my kidney and liver are through to my gut and rectal areas.

Too focused on all of that to even think about how I feel emotionally today.

Took a few valiums and went to bed early.

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