Open Letter to Mythic Development Community from Gamenesty International

To: Mythic WAR developers

RE: Avatar and Human Rights Violation

Gamenesty International is writing to you and the members of your organisation to introduce our organisation’s work and our concerns with regard to Avatar rights in the Realm Worlds of Warhammer Online. Furthermore, it is calling on your administration to draw up policies and launch reforms that will effectively promote and protect such rights. It is crucial that your organisation has the necessary will to draw up new policies and standards to protect and promote avatar rights at all levels.

Gamenesty International is an international gamers’ rights movement (with over 117 million MMORPG members in over 100 countries throughout the world) whose primary focus is to ensure that all rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Avatar Rights are observed and respected. It is independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest, religion, race, alignment or class. It is concerned solely with the impartial protection of avatar rights, including civil and political rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights. It opposes abuses committed by gaming companies, including but not limited to: detention of funds prior to game release; hostage-taking of gamers’ hopes; beta testing torture; and unlawful deletion of avatars (avatarocide).

Against this background, the organisation would like to raise the following points that are directly related to avatar rights promotion and protection in the Realm Worlds of Warhammer Online.

Gamenesty International has received a large number of reports of gamer torture, a particularly harsh form of torture which when applied can lead to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (due to constant checking of server availability), Repression through game level ceilings, and Paranoia through sensory deprivation and psychological warfare via the use of constant and repeated surveys.

The organization is also concerned with reports of poor gaming conditions, including but not limited to overcrowding, Avatar discrimination through unavailability of female avatars in all races and classes; promotion of segregation through rules which  disallow members of the two realms to live in harmony on a single account on a single server.

Gamnesty International believes this concern has been addressed to Realm authorities on several occasions and calls for Realm conditions to comply with international standards, including the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Avatars. Gamenesty International further believes that eradication of torture and ill-treatment can only be achieved if firm decisive action is taken by the development authorities. Gamenesty International’s concern at these reports prompts it to reiterate its call for control of the security forces to be asserted at all levels to ensure that this serious violation of gamers and avatar rights does not recur.

Gamenesty International herein remind Mythic that it has an obligation to ensure that the crimes designated in the Statute, namely, avatarocide, crimes against gamers and war crimes, are made punishable – as they are under International law.

Gamenesty International is gravely concerned with a recent influx of reports alleging Mythic has perpetrated on its gaming community, a blatant and wilful act of Avatarocide through the deliberate destruction of tens of thousands of Avatars across its Realms and servers.

It is further alleged that Mythic, continues to perpetrate atrocities against basic gamers rights and well-being through a complete shutdown of Realm borders post avatarocide, hereafter referred to as The Great Preview Weekend Massacre, leaving tens of thousands of gaming refugees displaced and homeless. This blatant disregard for Avatars and the subsequent psychological impact to their human caretakers is unconscionable.

While Gamenesty International has undertaken to relocate gamers to their previous homes, the majority have been unable to reintegrate with their previous communities (WoW; EQ, Vanguard, AoC) due to the lower quality of Avatars and basic gaming enjoyment experienced post WAR.

As the Closed Beta community, its appointed independent investigators, and Gamenesty International officers (all of whom, coincidentally also form part of the Beta community), have been restricted from accessing servers, we have been unable to qualify and quantify the allegations made against Mythic.

We hereby call upon Mythic to rectify the situation through reinstatement of server access to the Closed Beta community and Gamenesty International officers for the purposes of investigating the allegations made against Mythic and ascertaining the true number of Avatars recklessly deleted.

Gamenesty International hereby serve notice of intent to ‘do something’ should access to servers not be reinstated and the Beta Community notified immediately.

Yours sincerely,

Gamenesty International Secretary General

In Memoriam

Dracon, Bright Wizard of the Order
Dracon, Bright Wizard of the Order
  • Dracon, Bright Wizard of the Order who fanned the flames of WAR with little regard for his own life (often!)
  • Ingold, Arch Mage of the order who dedicated his life to saving that of others (mainly Dracon’s)
  • Aceline, Witch Hunter, judge of the wicked,  executioner of the guilty and close friend of our kings
A section of the many avatars who have "disappeared"
Some of the many avatars who have allegedly "disappeared" at the hands of Mythic

… and for the many, many others that have passed away …R.I.P.

For those that didn’t get it … yes, it is a joke. It’s a form of humour known as a PARODY. Having a bit of fun at Mythic’s expense. Thanks go to Aceline and Ingold for helping fan a silly spark into a raging flame of creative nonsense.

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