Pump and Save!

This just tickled my fancy! Apparently, local brothels have suffered withdrawal symptoms as their clientele have started cutting out the trip to the establishments as fuel costs soar and cut into their play money. So, one establishment in South Melbourne has come up with a plan – a promotoional offer called “Pump and Save“.

So, how does 30 cents per litre off sound?

Good right?

Although you might be thinking it may be a little embarrassing to carry in a fuel voucher from a brothel into the station … but fear not! It’s not embarrassing at all, as the Pink Palace has decided that they will reverse the usual fuel docket promotion … from the article in The Age:

The Pink Palace is giving clients 30 cents off their bill for every litre of petrol they buy as part of its “pump and save” campaign.

“If they bring in a receipt for 70 litres of petrol, we take $21 off the booking,” said Pink Palace manager Robyn Smith.

The jokes this story will fuel are already swelling …

Sorry 😛

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