Silly Conversations

Seems my life is plagued by them sometimes … they happen all the time! If laughter is the best medicine, then I shall be a healthy boy for quite some time … This is an example from last night in the car on the drive home :

Mrs X: I haven’t paid the bills, can you get online and do it?
Mr X: Hold on, didn’t you take over the finances because you weren’t happy with the way I did them? You’ve dropped the ball!
Mrs X: No, no … I think you were handling them fine …
Mr X: Can I have that signed as an affidavit?
Mrs X: Sure, I’ll sign it …
Mr X: So, you’d sign an affidavit that states “Mr X is a good financial controller, he shall have free reign to organise the finances and spend money as he sees fit”?
Mrs X: Sure, I’ll sign it “Mickey Mouse”
Mr X: You can’t do that, that’s not your signature
Mrs X: If I sign it, it is …
Mr X: No, because it’s not your name … besides it’s a Trademark infringement.
Mrs X: No, lot’s of people are called Mickey Mouse …
Mr X: Really? Who? Name One!
Mrs X: … Mickey Mouse?

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