Question for the EAs out there …

One of the few things that I find annoying about my current role – the hundred and one NDAs I’m under. While it’s not really an issue normally, it does mean there are quite a lot of things within my sphere I cannot blog about. I’d give you an example, but some of those NDAs carry a ten year jail term for breaches.

This is one of the reasons that I haven’t really maintained my EA or Technobabble entries. I often find it difficult to relay lessons learnt or perspectives without potentially breaching an NDA or exposing IP. It is extremely frustrating!

I often consider writing very generic pieces as I have in the past – but what can I add that is of any true differential value from the mass of materials already out there?

So a question. How do others handle this challenge? How do you cope with working around NDAs, Security Clearances and the minefield of IP breaches to share your experiances?

2 thoughts on “Question for the EAs out there …”

  1. From contractual perspective NDA makes sharing information about any project while working at that company virtually impossible. Although many information might not qualify to be a breach of the contractual agreement. In case a situation of contention should occur then any information sharing can be used as a breach of contract. Then everything else works against the employee. If you are working in the federal or defense sort of engagement, then EA Zone ( might be an area where you could find help from like minded fellows participants and maybe that is more secured zone to share EA related information.

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