Art …

I was rummaging across some old boxes and stacks of paper hunting for our house-plans (for the pergola guy to finalise a design) and found an old poem I wrote about 17 years ago while still in High School. If I recall correctly, it was while I was in an English Literature class … but I digress … so, for the sake of sentimental reminiscing, I decided to drop it in here to keep it alive, rather than slowly rotting away at the bottom of a box in the garage.


By me, circa 1991

Not totally visual,
Marks on paper,
Signs of wisdom,
Of brilliance,
Of insanity.

An outline,
Rising from the sheet,
A new world,
A new time,
This is me.

Created for me,
Or perhaps by me,
Visions appear,
And disappear,
This is art,
My love,

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