Why the US is a thorn in the worlds side right now.

I was reading this entry « A return to Politics « on the Taste The Happy! blog. And I started to reply in Monkeyaker’s comments, but I saw it was getting rather large and since I’ve been remiss in my own duties … here’s a new entry and reply 8-)P

The US of A is built up on a false economic model.

While exploitation is definitively part of that model – the real mechanism that powers the economy is war.

Without war, the US economy begins to falter and collapse under it’s own weight. Simply look at the last 50 years to see the evidence of that. So, the question is not “why is the US using the power we have to destroy other societies” since the answer to that is “to ensure the economy continues to gather momentum and make money”. Thus the real question is why make money when you already have it?

Because the US actually does not have it …

As of 2000 the “white house” owed a lot of money. The National Debt was $USD 5,674,178,209,886.86!! The Bush government was borrowing $1.9 Billion dollars a day to simply “stay afloat”. The “war” slowed that down, kicking in more employment (soldiers as an example), kicking up the manufacturing industries (to make ordinance as another example) and generally allowing the processes to kick start the flow on effects that will get the economy moving.

So, has the war achieved its objective? Well, it has been partially successful. The national debt is only sitting at $USD 8,548,886,400,560 today and only growing at a rate of $1.6 Billion a day.

So, the next question is “why is this allowed?” … well, it’s sort of like a mutual suicide pact among the world economic players.

See. the other players are creditors to the US … and that means that they are in a situation where their money is useless. Why? If the US of A cannot pay that loan and goes “bankrupt” … well, the great big IOU the creditor holds is as worthless as soiled toilet paper.

As long as none of the creditors actually calls in the IOU (which is at this stage of the game an unpayable loan) then Americans get to consume much more than they can make or pay for – while China, India, South America and other “cheap labour” players get to expand production and jobs at beyond what their own populations can consume.

It’s a global balance of financial terror.

If someone blinks, every debt bomb blows up at once and the great depression will look like a little cry.

So. There you have it.

The US of A – a great illusion. The illusion of money, the illusion of democracy (hello people – you’re actually a republic – look it up sometime!), the illusion of power and the illusion of grandeur.

The US is nothing but a great big bully who managed to swipe some credit cards, load up with some fancy suits and cars, bully the smaller rich kids from old families and started acting like they ran the place … and the sad part is, people let them.

So, my little monkeyaker, do not go gentle into that good night! Rage, rage against the dying of the light! Though wise men at their end know dark is right, because their words had forked no lightning they do not go gentle into that good night …

One last thing. I despise people who have a go at people who speak out about these topics … as much as those that go on about the “other evils of the world” like “communism” or “Islamiah” (or Muslims to you uneducated lot).

I especially despise it because you people don’t have a fu$&ing clue … do me a favour (all of you!) read the damn Manifesto or the Qu’ran and then come back with some form of intelligent debate other than stupid throw away lines like:

  • “They hate freedom”
    I mean Seriously, who the fu$& hates freedom? What a ludicrous thing to say!
  • “They are evil”
    Err, really? Based on what? The fact they don’t orgasm everytime says “America”?
  • That age old classic of “you’re just part of the hate America crowd”
    No, I like America, it’s pretty!
    I even like quite a few citizens of the US of A … almost as many as I like from Canada or Mexico!
    I just don’t like xenophobic, bigoted, uneducated, overly patriotic, mindless drones … nor the governments that wield power with that same lack-of-thought!

Or whatever other damned stupid thing you come up with this week …

It’ll be nice to have some intelligent conversation on this topic rather than the mindless, flag flying, card carrying, “lobotomised by the patriotic brainwashing education system” dribble I normally hear.

People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid …

2 thoughts on “Why the US is a thorn in the worlds side right now.”

  1. Yes, we are sort of the bitchy grumpy whiney consumerist teenagers who demand a credit card that our parents (other older countries- our financers) have to pay.

    So how, pray tell, are we to grow up? I am worried that we have built ourselves into a nation of suburbs, driving, war, and waste that we won’t be able to turn ourselves around before it’s too late. There’s no method, no game plan for this kind of thing. And I’m worried that no one high-up will touch any of these issues with a ten-foot pole because it’s “bad for them politically.”

    Which is why I’m moving into the woods and becoming a hermit. Eh, why not, I’ve done it before…

  2. Part of the problem is that it is too late.

    Part of the problem is that younger siblings (Australia) are trying to emulate it’s older brother’s behaviour.

    Part of the problem is that older siblings (England) rue the day they grew up and want to re-live the heady days of youth.

    The biggest problem is (as anyone who has had to go through the personal debt elimination process can tell you) that it’s going to hurt more than anything ever to fix it.

    To a mere citizin with a salary of $20,000, paying back and cleaning out a debt of $150,000 is almost impossible … they have two choices. They can go bankrupt … this will affect their lives directly for seven years and indirectly forever. Or they can knuckle down and scrimp, save and scrimp some more to pay off the debt as much as possible as quickly as possible.

    As you said, no politician is ever going to say any of these words:

    * Citizens, we need to reclaim our national debt. That means we’re all going to have to suffer for a few years. We’re going to temporarily add an additional 1% to all taxes, add 10% to luxery item taxes and all corporations will now be taxed as individuals. We all need to tighten our belts so that the sky doesn’t fall around us.

    * Citizens, we just realised that the destruction of our environment for the sake of a few jobs is ludicrous. Instead, we[‘re going to scrap all logging activities and pay those workers to re-plant the woodland areas. Special wood farms will be created for the purposes of growing genetically modified pine trees that will grow to full size in 6 months and can be logged for production. Mining will be phased out over the next ten years and our scientists have already been tasked to come up with new materials that mimic anything we can dig up out of the ground but can be recycled. We believe that while these initiatives will cause some pain for us over the next few years, it will create a brighter, more illustrious world for the new decade.


    Maybe one day …

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