Grrr … Local Council Parking Fine

On the weekend, I received a “parking infringement” for parking “beyond the time limit”. I objected with the following statement on their online ticket dispute form. I’ll let you know what (if any) response I receive back from “them”.

G’day,I’d like to offer heartfelt congratulations to “the local” Council for hiring officers of such remarkable calibre! Are psychic abilities a bonus or a required aspect of the role?

I only ask as I parked my car at 09:51 this morning (I know, because I walked out of the car and took a few photos of some pigeons on the powerlines overhead and it records details like that) and did not actually leave the car until 5 minutes later when I went to get a coffee down the road, and returned a few minutes later to get my bag.
During this time, I did not notice one of your officers, unless they also have a cloak of invisibility, which is how they could have known I parked at this time. Instead, through either having seen me in their cloak of invisibility or through some psychic evaluation, they have given me a ticket at 11:47 (a full 3 minutes before my 2 hours were up and a whole 13 minutes prior to the 2hr limit expiry for the day).

This is bloody amazing.

So, I wonder, is there some form of auditing that occurs with these psychic abilities? I ask simply in case something like the presence of an albino cat may throw doubt onto the accuracy of the reading?

I also wonder how this behaviour fits into the stated “objectives of “the local” Parking Services” which claims (according to your own site) to:

  • Maintain a smooth flow of traffic and maximise the availability of parking spaces (ten minutes prior to an all day restriction removal will stop this?)
  • Prevent obstructions and inconvenience to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and minimise the danger to the community which may arise due to illegal parking (not in this case)
  • Ensure equitable access to all parking areas through appropriate patrolling and policing of restrictions ( fair enough but again I doubt 10 minutes will place an astonishing skew of the bell curve distribution of the said parking spaces)
  • Ensure a fair and equitable treatment of offenders by following due process and complying with all legislative requirements (now, we shall see, do you simply follow the letter of the law or the spirit? Is it about fairness or revenue and quotas? )
  • Maintain accurate records and histories (well, I am asking for this)
  • Process all tickets, penalties paid and institute recovery procedures for any unpaid tickets quickly with the least possible delay and cost to achieve closure of the ticket (thus why I am making this enquiry online so as to allow you the most speedy of processing)
  • Respond to all enquires politely, efficiently and effectively (and I’d also request in writing – a phone call to state what is in writing is also fine especially to meet the aforementioned “efficiently” requirement)
  • Continuously improve our processes and procedures in line with customer feedback and improvements in technology (I hope that this will be one of those times)

I thank you for processing and reviewing this submission. I hope you take my sense of humour as intended, a way to make a point and induce a little difference to the usual rants and raves I’m sure you normally receive. Have a good day,


2 thoughts on “Grrr … Local Council Parking Fine”

  1. Dear sir/madam,

    I had gone to visit a friend who is very ill (and who I hadn’t seen for a long time), with the intention of retuning within half an hour. Unfortunately when I saw him his condition was much worse than when I had seen him last, and I totally forgot about my car being parked in a 30 minute time restriction parking bay. (I even realised afterwards that Xxxxxxx Road is a zone V parking area, and that I had resident parking vouchers in the glove compartment of my car which I could have used).

    Xxxxxx Road is a no-through residential road with very little traffic, and all the 30 minute free parking bays were empty, as well as about seventy percent of the resident parking bays being empty. Even if I had overstayed the 30 minute free period, there was no disruption to traffic flow or any hardship to residents by the presence of my car. My friend, who I had gone to visit on Xxxxxx Road can be contacted to verify my statements.

    I am appealing against the penalty charge on the grounds that I GENUINLY forgot about the time restriction, and being an honest mistake, and considering that my car was causing absolutely no obstruction, I request that the charge be waived.

    From past experience I am not hopeful that my appeal will be withheld, so I wish also to complain about how Ealing Parking Services manage and enforce parking in the borough. My experience confirms what millions of other motorists are saying about the growth of incentivised delivery of PCN,s, particularly those concerning trivial excess in contravention – in short, local councils see parking fines purely as a money making device, with no regard to genuine circumstances or individual cases.

    As a member of the public I have a perfectly reasonable expectation from Ealing council to uphold the law, and to do so with tolerance and understanding, and to operate services for the benefit of residents, rather than based on monetary gain.

    I would strongly state that I consider the manner in which Ealing’s parking attendants operate is intolerant, inhumane, unwarranted and fraudulent, especially in areas of enforcement where there is little or no adverse effect on traffic flow and road safety. On the contrary, I believe Ealing’s parking attendants have been trained to generate maximum revenue, with no regard to any financial and emotional suffering their action might cause to the motorist, and apply this policy with zero tolerance. My view is that this policy of zero tolerance would be better applied in other areas, such as clamping down on drug dealing and antisocial behaviour which is rife in the part of Southall where I live (but I suppose this would not generate any income for the council).

    Let me cite just two cases to support my complaint. Every few weeks there is programme at the Tudor Road Club at The Green, Southall which usually runs from about 9pm till about 3am in the morning. I have witnessed cars being parked illegally, including ON the zebra crossing on a regular basis. Yet when I have phoned the council (and the police) nothing is done about this. It seems that the Parking Service is not so much about clamping down on the real culprits, as much as revenue generation based on soft targets. The second instance is that almost every day there are cars parked on the pavement in front of several Somali cafes, again on The Green in Southall. This too I have reported to Ealing Parking Services, but nothing is done about this either. You are welcome to come and view these parking contraventions for yourself if you do not believe me. I enclose a photo of the Tudor Rose patrons showing their utter disregard for the law. As my camera has broken down, I am unable to provide photographic evidence of the illegal parking in front of the Somali cafes. I can only conclude that there is corruption within the parking attendants Ealing uses.

    Please be aware I will be using the Freedom Of Information Act to find out as much as I can about how parking services are run by Ealing council. It will be interesting to learn what training parking attendant receive, what targets are set for issuing of parking fines, how much revenue is generated, where this money is spent, and a breakdown of where and what times parking tickets are issued in the borough. I am convinced that the data will confirm that the issue of parking tickets bears no connection to controlling and easing traffic flow.

    I look forward to your early reply.

  2. hi, nice to meet you, are you aware it is the policy of ealing council to deliberately issue defective blue badges to disabled drivers that fade when displayed in sunlight, declare this to be an offence and send bailiffs to demand payment/remove valuables if and when payment of these obviously improper penalty charge notices are refused?
    i am a victim currantly contesting this outrageous fraud, and have abundant proof of this crime.

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