By far, my favourite clothing store. Period.Store

Clothing DisplayOver the last two years, I’ve spent a small fortune at this store. Literally, we could have bought a used car or two with the amounts on the collated invoices. However, it’s worth every penny.

Anton’s store is an experience. From the moment you walk in to the unmarked yet unmissable store front on the top floor of Melbourne Central, you feel like you’ve just stepped backstage into a theatre production and on a busy day, it feels like the final call for curtains has just been called and everyone’s rushing to finalise their parts.
More clothes The store is filled with the best exclusively designed, extremely limited run, retro styled, suave, sophisticated, and all together still modern mens and womens clothing. It’s the sort of place that swinging sophisticates, classy goths, retro zoot suiters and switched-on corporates can all walk in and come out looking like they just won the lotto.oooh, pretty

The clothes all have an influence (or three) in each of them … a hint of pirate here, a dash of jazz there, a splash of Sinatra?golden-era Hollywood, a little Spanish revolution … I could go on, but I wont. You really need to run through the store and experience it yourself.

While you’re there, check out all the little props and collectibles scattered around the store. It’s like being a kid in a grown upsprops collection wardrobe!

I cannot rave about this store enough, however, I will give you the ultimate key to success with this store … do not walk in like you would any other clothing store, the true success of this store are it’s girls.

oooh, yummyThe staff are some of the happiest people in this world! They are individually sparkly, shining examples of the people you want toKylie surround yourself with at a party and simultaneously, the epitome of customer service.

So, here’s the secret.

Walk in, and either don’t look around or take only a short quick glimpse. When of the girls comes up, simply tell her what you’re after, “I’m after an outfit for a job interview that says ‘corporate’ but also says ‘individual style'”, “I have a wedding to go to, and I want to look a million and one dollars”, “I want to look like Frank Sinatra”.

Then give up all control and let them work their magic. Trust me, magic it is! They can make ANYONE look like they’re ready to walk down a red carpet somewhere. Oh, and if you really like the style of something but not the color or material? Ask nicely, they also do custom pieces.

What more can I say?


Anton's - Pimp SuitAnton's - DisplaysAnton's - MannequinAnton's - Cuff Links

Anton's - Spats! Anton's - yummy props everywhereAnton's - yummy props everywhere

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