I can so relate …

I was introduced to the show with zefrank videoblog about a fortnight ago … and I will say, either you’ll love it or hate it.

Either way, with my recent spate of quitting smoking (after having started at 12, quit at 26, restarted at 30 and now quiiting again at 33) this episode just made me crack up and could relate in a number of ways.

As for me, day eight was pretty good. I only really felt the cravings twice today. So, I’m pretty happy about that.

The rest of the programme hasn’t really had a chance to kick in yet, mainly because I just haven’t made the time for it. It’s going to be harder at the moment as well. Just been dragged into a huge $109 project which is expected to suck up any form of time over the next month.

Well, you never know, maybe if I give it some time, it’ll make the month easier. Till then, TTFN.

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