Reports for days four through seven are coming right up!

Grrrr … life can be trying … but it’s fine, and I’m back …

Thursday (day four) was quite good, cravings in control, got a fair chunk of work done … it was all good, but I was too tired to do anything other than catch up with a girlfriend over the phone and then hit the sack. Friday (day five) was much the same, work was good, cravings were not there – well until I got home – then I started getting the physical pangs. I guess these were were my tertiary habit points screaming out (Friday night = pub night = a pack of smokes usually). I had decided not to hit the pub in case the temptation was too much. Once again, early night, straight to bed.

Saturday I woke up and ran off to the Shutterbox in Camberwell to drop in my Kowa Model E and my 70-300mm Zoom Lens for repair. Dropped past the Camera Exchange and picked up a Lens Baby 2.0 and then headed back home to grab the Mrs and head off to the Melbourne Flickr Meet at the Docklands. I was surprised at myself for not feeling like a smoke, indeed, not thinking much about a smoke at all while people were smoking around me. I was drinking too … Very happy with that 🙂

Sunday (day six), was Fathers Day and my cousin’s daughter’s combined First Birthday and Baptism, so had to go to that for lunch (again surprised at the lack of internal temptation I felt with all of my cousins and the like heading off for a smoke every ten minutes or by the fact that I didn’t feel like one while drinking away) and then headed to Dad’s place for a Fathers Day dinner.

Today (Monday, day seven) I was crook. I ate something that completely disagreed with me yesterday, nearly didn’t make it on the way home – had to stop at a service station to expel, then spent a good portion of the night doing the same when I got home. Was not going to risk it today, so decided to stay home. It’s calmed down. but there were a couple of close calls, so am glad I stayed home.

I am now going to head into the shower and run off to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon to discuss the joys and tribulations of shoulder reconstruction work. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

Hopefully I can make some time tonight to actually spend an hour on the CD and workbook that I was given as part of the programme.

Till then, TTFN.

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