Day three : nothing significant to report

Once again, I awoke this morning relaxed and easily.

I still had the the occasional craving for a smoke today … but very mildly, and still easily brushed aside. Funny enough, the “harshest” cravings came at home this evening.

I still feel split in three – just not as bad … I think they are starting to get along now.

My mind seems a little sharper, which is nicer. I also seem to notice that I’m generally more positive than I have been lately. No real effort or intention, just happen to be a little naturally chirpier.

Still going through the CD guided meditations … which seem to be helping a fair bit, or is just a positive psychosomatic thing. Either way, it’s a good thing at the moment.

The book is still going through the negative thought patterns we immerse ourselves in, etc … it’s just started on the success centre and is about to progress into the reprogramming section, should hit that by tomorrow night.

Off to the CD now. Till tomorrow!

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